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Jeekie.Host Terms of Service

The following is the agreement and constitution of relationship between cited provider Jeekie.Host and the Client. Said provider shall hereafter be named using first person pronouns, “Provider” and “Jeekie.Host”, conversely shall the client be named any of the following: “Client, User, You, and their second person pronouns.”

The laws of the following agreement are governed by Canada and International Law.

Definition of Relationship

A relationship is started when a user:
Accesses any of Jeekie.Host’s sites
Comes in contact with Jeekie.Host in a commercial manner
Each time one purchases a service from Jeekie.Host

Regarding “Definition of Relationship, c)” a relationship is restarted each recurring billing period.

Liabilities within said relationship

Any actions made by the client will only be the responsibility and liability of said client, we, Jeekie.Host will act as a non-intervening 3rd-party when legal action comes into play between the client and an external party.

Clause of Legal Prosecution

In the event of legal action shall the defendant, the provider reserve the right to insist said hearing and prosecution will undertake within Canada and therefore its judiciaries.

Clause of Termination

The health of the contract is determined by the will of any of the two parties. The Client and Provider reserve the right to terminate the relationship at any given time, for any reason. In the event of a relationship closure the provider shall not be required to refund said client unless the relationship had any inherents within the Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

One may receive a refund in the event that 14 days or under have passed since the requested to be refunded purchase was made. If one has failed to pay any outstanding invoices by the proper due date one may not be eligible for a refund.


JeekieHost, its directors, employees and or any of their partners shall be indemnified of liability in the occurrence of data loss.

Failure to pay

If you fail to pay for your service, your files are completely removed from our servers. Once they are removed they cannot be restored and are not our responsibility.

Fraudulent Activity

The following is defined as fraudulent activity and will not be tolerated on our networks and services:

Adult graphics
Exploiting or abusing our systems in any way
Pyramid Schemes
Crypto currency miners
Any illegal act within Canada
Using your service for anything it is not meant to, or allowed to be used for
Stressing or overloading our servers

The commitment of fraudulent activity will result in suspension of account, severe violations will be reported to authorities.


Jeekie.Host will follow the copyright legislation applicable in Canada and depending on the location of the server, said country. Infringing services will be removed and illicitly obtained material will be reported.

The terms unmetered and upgradable are by common sense and science not unlimited, it is defined as to be limited by the provider at a point they see fit. This is for prevention of abuse of the term "unlimited", any loopholes, where a loophole is determined by Jeekie.Host are prohibited and may lead to the activation of the Termination Clause.

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