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Privacy Policy

By this agreement will the Jeekie.Host client know his or her rights in regard to their data and privacy. All Jeekie.Host owned websites and services agree to follow, comply with and agree to GDPR, CCPA, COPPA and UK GDPR respectively.

How we store data

Data stored in secure, protected dedicated servers found in Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Canada.

How long do we store data?

By UK Law and as a UK operating business Jeekie.Host is required to keep billing data by the HMRC for as long as 2 years after a termination of contract. (See Clause of Termination in Terms of Service) Billing data may include the following:

IP Addresses

Do you sell my data?

No, Jeekie.Host does not sell any data, wherever it may come from. Data is indirectly* shared in raw files with but not limited to, Hetzner Online GmbH, Virgin Media Business Limited, phoenixNAP LLC, Contabo GmbH and OVH SAS. Details such as name and email are shared with Trustpilot, as part of their Automatic Feedback Service. If data were to be shared, clients would be notified.

  • = if 3rd-parties ask for it, with our permission or under legal occurrences.

Website Analytics

We may also partner with selected third-party vendors, such as Cloudflare,Google Analytics and others, to allow tracking technologies and remarketing services on the Site through the use of first party cookies and third-party cookies, to, among other things, analyze and track users' use of the Site, determine the popularity of certain content and better understand online activity. By accessing the Site, you consent to the collection and use of your information by these third-party vendors. You are encouraged to review their privacy policy and contact them directly for responses to your questions. We do not transfer personal information to these third-party vendors. However, if you do not want any information to be collected and used by tracking technologies, you can visit the third-party vendor.

What are my rights?

All Jeekie.Host users and clients are to follow GDPR, COPPA, CCPA & UK GDPR complying rights:

Full knowledge of all data we store on you.
Ability to retract aforecited data.*
Final say in whether your data is sold or not.
Prohibit us from accessing your data.

The provider may not utilize, access nor mention the client’s data without written or verbal permission from said client.

  • = see “How long do we store data”

I am 13 years or younger:

If a client is 13 years old or younger, as we abide and comply with COPPA will not be allowed to collect data, nor do business with said individual unless we are given full permission by their guardian.

If the provider believes a client is at or under the age of 13 we’ll have no choice but to suspend their access and retract their data until we have received proof of complying age.

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